We will customize a gift basket around a special event, theme, hobby, or other special occasion.  Just tell us what you want, and we’ll design it!

Weddings , Hotel Amenities, & Special Events:  We are happy to design gifts to complement your special occasion or event. 

Exclusive Designs for Corporate Giving: We are happy to design gifts to your corporate specifications. 

Important Processing Information:
Delivery Charges: Local, hand delivery or shipping charges are not included in the selected budget and will be calculated at checkout.

Processing Time:  Custom gift designs are processed within 48 hours, on average.  However, more or less time may be needed depending upon the time needed to acquire desired specialty items.  We will contact you immediately if unable to schedule local delivery or shipping of the gift within 48 hours.

Desired Content:   Completing and submitting your order does NOT constitute a contract for Lake Shore Gift Baskets to provide the requested desired content based on the budget you have selected.  We will contact you immediately if unable to obtain the desired items and to suggest alternatives.

Budgets Less Than $40:  If placing an order for at least four (4) gifts, we are happy to work with budgets that are less than $40.  Please contact us at sales@beyondbaskets.com or (773) 281-9319 to discuss your options.


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