Step into the future, say 10 – 25 years –Imagine the couple opening a time capsule from the year of their marriage… a Time Capsule that chronicles the milestone year, full of what once were everyday objects. The couple finds personal items, such as Letters to the Future, from their grandparents, parents, and wedding attendants, written and sealed but not opened until now. And what if the couple had a newspaper from the day they were married, or even a catalog with the fashions from that time?  Beyond Baskets has made it easy for couples to preserve one of the greatest milestones of their lives with Our Wedding Time Capsule. The bride and groom simply fill the Time Capsule full of memorabilia from their wedding year, sealing it until 10 or 25 years in the future–just enough time to see amazing change in their life and the world around them. And these beautifully decorated personal Time Capsules are never buried, so there’s no shovel required!  Each 21-piece Time Capsule kit includes a ‘What Life Was Like the Year We Were Married’ memory book, which covers every aspect of that special year, from prices to fashion to the top-10 movies; a ‘How to’ book, full of hundreds of creative and fun ideas; a ‘Do Not Open Until…’ sticker; official Time Capsule seals; and an individually numbered certificate. Letters to the Future stationery, also included, enables family and friends to become involved by writing their hopes and predictions for the future, which are then sealed and not read until the Time Capsule is opened, years later.  We make it easy for you to give the couple a wonderful heirloom that will be treasured for years to come–and make it fun to do in the process.

We’ll gift wrap this thoughtful gift to complement the wedding theme!

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